The Inderjit Khurana National Award - 2016, Application deadline: 30th September 2016

What would you do if this was your child?

How would you feel if YOU were this child?

Should we wait till this little girl is lost forever?

Or would you be willing to offer your help today?

The railway platforms of Bhubhaneshwar in India have long been a breeding ground of despair, where underprivileged children of all ages have been subject to frequent abuse, starvation and neglect - preyed upon for the purposes of child labour and even prostitution.

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Since 1985, Ruchika Social Service Organization with just a handful of dedicated volunteers and an underpaid staff, has committed itself to extricating street children from their apparently hopeless lives by providing safety, nutrition and education, to give them an opportunity to grow into a world of endless potential and realize the dream of every human being - to lead a safe and fulfilling life.

RSSO maintains that the way to lead children out of this predicament is to ensure that their time is constructively utilized in learning and to equip them for a productive future, by reinforcing their self esteem in ways that bring some joy and love into their young lives.

Every child has the right to an education

Through its innovative and varied programs, Ruchika is a Charitable Organization that seeks to:

  • Provide all children with a joyful and creative school atmosphere that incorporates education and skills relevant to a meaningful and dignified existence.

  • Equip children with the knowledge necessary to become active participants and positive contributors to their communities

  • Create a society free of child labour, abuse, destitution, exploitation and abandonment.

When will children begin to matter?


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Inderjit Khurana was nominated for "The World's Childrens' Prize for The Rights of the Child"  Read all about it...

RSSO has dedicated itself to the ideal that...

...and you can help make this a reality!

This documentary film on

"The Train Platform Schools of India"

was recently aired by PBS as part of their TV series, "The New Heroes". It was hosted by Robert Redford, and tells the inspiring story of the men and women with a passion for working to transform society by overcoming the challenges of poverty, illness, abuse, violence and the ignorance they see in the world around them.

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A Charitable Foundation for Children in India

The Ruchika Social Service Organization is a charitable foundation dedicated to helping underprivileged, abused and neglected children in India through education, nutrition and health care. RSSO helps mostly street children, child laborers, and children of impoverished families living in the slums of Bhubaneswar, in Orissa, India. It provides basic literacy, education, vocational training, nutrition, medical treatment, and emergency assistance to over 4,000 children and their families. It was recently awarded a prize by the Clinton Global initiative and UNICEF for its efforts on behalf of underprivileged children. It believes that education is the key to helping solve the problem of child neglect and abuse and it urgently requires help in the way of donations as well as volunteers in the educational and medical fields.

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